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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Aside from our core industry development role, SWA also recognises the need to give back to society and work with our members to provide essential water solutions to communities in need.

What is Emergency Resource Group (ERG)?
The Emergency Resource Group formed by the Singapore Water Association (SWA) was set up in Feb 2011 to provide technical support to Non-Governmental-Organisations (NGOs) in responding to the need for safe water in areas affected by natural disasters.

The initiative set up by the ERG is to help improve the effectiveness of Singapore's National Emergency response by providing appropriate technical back-up through the effectiveness of infinite resources available at SWA's website.

ERG is an importance resource for the first response providing critical support during the initial phase of a disaster.

Objective of ERG
To meet the critical need for safe drinking water during disasters such as droughts, cyclones, floods, earthquake, famine and epidemic.

SWA member companies have appropriate products and technologies to meet emergency need for water production. The equipment, products, plants and services for which are affordable, sturdy in construction, easy to operate, mobile and requires low or no maintenance.

With the ERG panel comprising of industry experts (SWA members) with extensive expertise in the provision of water products and facilities, this programme ensures safe water is sent to affected areas in the following ways:

  • SWA provides technical support to the natural disaster area
  • Portable water purification units
  • Improve the effectiveness of national emergency response
  • To provide a web-based resource library
  • Allows NGO the ability to access and pick the urgent water-related equipment or plant for the various disaster sceneries under immediate/recovery phase of the emergency response operation.

ERG Library Upgrading in Process