President’s Message

President’s Message


Tan Cheng Guan


Welcome to SWA’s refreshed website and I hope you will find it to be user friendly and informative.

This new website is a reflection of SWA’s continuous efforts to bring value to our members. Thanks to a range of new functionalities and tools such as the interactive membership directory search feature for Singapore’s water services and technologies, it is now easier for members to interact, collaborate and exchange ideas.

An association is only as good as the value it provides its members. Today, SWA has a total membership of 254 members and growing. We will continue to explore ways to deliver even greater value to our members beyond our current initiatives in creating networking platforms, capacity building through training and industry promotion.

The Singapore Government through the Ministry of Trade and Industry provides incentives and other support through the Industry Transformation Map (ITM) which aims to promote growth and improve competitiveness of 23 industry groups through integrating productivity improvement, skills development, innovation and internationalisation. We will continue to work with MTI and IE Singapore to develop new initiatives under the ITM for the benefit of our members.

To sustain the growth of the water sector, it is important to nurture and develop the next generation of water sector professionals. It is with this in mind that SWA has formed the Young Water Professionals Group (YWP). The mission of the YWP is to promote the water industry to young water professionals with the objective of attracting, developing and retaining them in the industry. We are hopeful that they will develop into future water leaders that can drive the water industry into greater heights in the years to come.
Today, SWA has a strong international profile, taking part in overseas trade exhibitions supported by International Enterprise, Singapore. As part of our on-going effort to profile the association internationally and to enable members to promote their products and services through overseas exhibitions, we are expanding our global footprint to more new markets in the coming year.

In the SWA website, you will be able to learn more about the Association and its activities. This website is designed to ensure easy navigation and provide useful information to those who are eager to find the right path for the development of your business and to increase business and network opportunities for market expansion. We will continue to improve and update the website and I hope you will be able to learn more about our Association and find the information you require to support and grow your business.