Design, Engineer & Operate Fresh Water Treatment Plants

Design, Engineer & Operate Fresh Water Treatment Plants

Date: 21-23 September 2020
Time: 9am - 5pm
Venue: e2i, 80 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore 609607


The Design, Engineer & Operate Fresh Water Treatment Plants 3-day course aims to equip participants with comprehensive skills, competencies and knowledge to design and operate water treatment plants.

Participants will be able to design water treatment plants for their customers’ needs.  The training also includes instructions on how to use the Reverse Osmosis (RO) sizing calculations program.  

The operation of the different systems will include normal start-up, normal shut down, emergency shut down and performance monitoring during normal operation of the plant. 

This course is useful for engineers and technical staff from water treatment companies (OEMs), water treatment component manufacturing companies and consultants.


Course Modules:

  1. Water Treatment Fundamentals
  • Typical Water treatment Plant Block Diagrams


  1. Sizing calculations
  • Sizing calculations of conventional equipment
  • Coagulation & Flocculation
  • Settling / Clarification
  • Media Filtration
  • Chlorination
  • De-chlorination
  • Chemical Dosing Equipment
  • Sizing calculations of Membrane Processes ­- Computer-based
    • UF Membrane System (Pressurized)
    • RO Membrane System


  1. Engineering of Water Treatment Plants
  • Piping & Valves Selection and Sizing
  • Pump selection
  • Instrumentation Requirement & Selection


  1. Operations of Water Treatment systems
  • Coagulation & Flocculation systems
  • Clarification systems
  • Filtration systems
  • Chlorination and De-chlorination systems
  • Membrane systems: UF – RO


  1. Group Exercise

Process Water Plant: UF – RO

Course Fees

SWA Member


Full Fee

SGD 1,620.00

SGD 1,800.00

E2i course fee subsidy

SGD    900.00

SGD    900.00

Nett Course fee

SGD   720.00

SGD   900.00

 Award of Certificate & PDUs

  • Certificate of Completion will be issued to participants who meet 75% attendance requirement.
  • This course is qualified for PDUs by PEB (PDU points to be confirmed).


For information on training courses, please contact SWA office:

Ms. Cecilia Tan   email: or Tel: (65) 6515 0812.