[INVITE] Coastal Protection Business Forum, “Guardians of the Coast” – Innovating Coastal Protection for a Resilient Future (SIWW2024)

Thursday, 20th June 2024
[INVITE] Coastal Protection Business Forum, “Guardians of the Coast” – Innovating Coastal Protection for a Resilient Future (SIWW2024)

Join us to explore cutting-edge climate adaptive coastal protection measures and factors needed to successfully plan, design, build, and maintain these innovations. By bringing together esteemed researchers, consultants, service providers, contractors, and financers, the session will delve into both the immediate actions and long-term strategies required to protect our cities from future sea level rise and flooding and equip our coastal communities and cities to becoming resilient.


Location: MBS Expo Convention Centre Hall A,  Level 1 (Climate Resilience Forum)



1.30 PM – 1.45 PM: Welcome Address by SWA Vice-President, Mr Charles Quek

1.45 PM – 2.00 PM: MOU Signing Ceremony with SWA/CFISg/FCCA

– Mr James Lam, Prof Adrian Law, Peter Ho

– Witness by SWA President Mr Chew Men Leong and PUB DCE(PD) Mr Chua Soon Guan

2.00 PM – 2.40 PM: Fireside Chat – Moderated by Ms Pritha Hariram, Ramboll


– Dr. Jane McKee Smith Research (Professor at the University of Florida)

– Prof. Tan Thiam Soon (Singapore Institute of Technology)

2.40 PM – 3.20 PM: Panel Discussion – Moderated by Mr James Lam, Surbana Jurong


– Allison Woodruff – Asian Development Bank

– Stefan Lombardo – COWI

– Contractor (TBC)

– Tech company (TBC)

3.20 PM – 3.30 PM: Closing – SWA CP Committee Chair, Mr James Lam 



The fireside chat aims to provide an in-depth exploration of the latest research and innovative solutions in climate-adaptive coastal protection. Featuring distinguished professors renowned for their work in this field, the discussion will highlight cutting-edge advancements and practical applications of adaptive measures.

During the fireside chat, the following areas with the speakers will be explored to derive key knowledge and messages for the participants:

Key Knowledge and Messages:

– Latest research and innovation in climate adaptive coastal protection measures

– Case studies and best practices of real-world examples

– Holistic approaches and emerging trends on integrating natural and engineered solutions

– Collaboration and integration of inter-disciplines to scaleup solutions 


By the end of the fireside chat, participants will understand the forefront of climate adaptive coastal protection research and innovative strategies to enhance coastal cities’ resilience against climate change impacts.



The dynamic panel discussion brings together a diverse group of experts, including consultants, technology providers, contractors, and financers, to address the current and future requirements for deploying innovative coastal protection measures. The discussion aims to identify the immediate and long-term actions necessary to safeguard and strengthen coastal cities.

Key messages and knowledge will be derived following a facilitated discussion on the following themes with the panellists: 

– Immediate and future needs to understand critical levers and drivers for deployment of adaptive coastal protection measures

– Collaborative approaches and strategies required

– Technological and financial innovation and solutions to accelerate the development of measures

– Policy and regulatory support and recommendations to facilitate adoption of innovative measures

– Sustainable practices for project planning, construction and maintenance of measures