Canadian Virtual Showcase of Water Tech Companies

4th March 2021
Canadian Virtual Showcase of Water Tech Companies

The High Commission of Canada in Singapore, in partnership with Singapore Water Association and  PUB Singapore Water Exchange,  are co-organising a webinar : Canadian Virtual Showcase of Water Tech Companies on  4th March 2021, Thursday, SGT 9am to 10:30am.

This webinar introduces you to  Canadian utilities and  water companies,  presenting their water and wastewater technologies solution and roadmap.

  1. Pani Energy – Pani’s Digital Operator Coach™ is powered by Pani’s proprietary Hybrid AI.  The Coach™ works tirelessly to help guide fellow operators, engineers, managers, and executives to make the right decisions at the right times, to solve complexity and optimize these complex operations. Artificial intelligence is constantly collecting, analyzing, and learning, which our AI Coach™ ingests and processes, then offers insights, advanced analytics, and direct recommendations through a user-friendly and intuitive web platform, accessed on their smart-phone, tablet, or computer.
  2. Tradeworks Environmental Inc – The Ydro Process® is a unique method that increases the overall performance of the biological treatment processes by implementing selected bacterial cultures in individually designed formulations (according to the targets to be achieved). These bacteria dominate and enhance the indigenous organisms that generally are less efficient and can generate unwanted and undesirable side effects (i.e. odors). The YDRO process has applications in wastewater treatment, sewer grids, anaerobic digestion and food compostors.
  3. Waterlix Inc – Incorporated in 2015, Waterlix is a private Canadian company that uses remote sensing and machine learning models to pinpoint areas of municipal water main systems that are vulnerable to leakage, and identify residential properties that have water leakage. For data-rich utilities, they provide condition assessments of pipes, water demand analysis etc. to understand the patterns of use, SCADA data analysis for early detection and warning of leakages with an approximate location.
  4. SewerVue Technology Corp – SewerVUE manufactures remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and sensory technologies for underground pipe inspections. The firm’s ROVs enable users to determine the conditions of pipes and sewage infrastructure in order to assess and address potential defects. SewerVUE’s technology is ideal for quantifying pipe wall cracks, mapping rebar cover, and measuring pipe wall thickness. The company has developed a proprietary PPR (pipe penetrating radar) sensory technology that is incorporated into its remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). The PPR is capable of surveying wall thickness, rebar cover, delamination, and can detect the presence of voids developing outside a pipe. In addition to PPR, SewerVUE also utilizes other sensory technology, including sonar (use of sound to create images), LiDAR (use of lasers to develop 3D models of pipe) and CCTV survelliance.
  5. WaterShed MonitoringWaterShed Monitoring develops and markets innovative solutions for improved water management. As a partner of the know-how of water sector stakeholders, the company offers strategic coaching and value-added consulting services based on a unique product: Enki ®, the first cloud-based software designed to quickly and easily store and use all types of water-related data, from source to tap. WaterShed Monitoring intends to provide stakeholders involved in integrated watershed management with innovative technological solutions to address water quality data storing and analyzing challenges while offering optimization and coaching services to facilitate knowledge acquisition and meet the needs in water resource management, urban planning and research.
  6. Anaergia IncAnaergia maximizes resource recovery from virtually any waste stream, transforming waste into renewable energy, clean water, high-quality fertilizer, and recyclables. Anaergia provides complete, integrated solutions for municipal solid waste management, resource recovery in wastewater sector, and large?scale farming & food production waste management.  Their broad experience creates unique synergies which tie together resource recovery in the solid waste, municipal wastewater, and agri-food sectors. Anaergia has the internal expertise in equipment design, process engineering, equipment, manufacturing, project integration, project financing, and project execution to efficiently deliver projects globally.

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