SWAT eLearning

SWAT eLearning


SWAT (SWA Training) is an online eLearning platform initiated and developed by SWA for the convenience of certification and continuance eLearning for the Water Professionals and O & M Contractors via website access using mobile phones or PCs without face-to-face interactions or site coaching and at own pace, own schedule.  It is now offered to SWA members for annual subscription at $10/user per course (valid till 31 December 2021), non-members at $30/user per course per year.  Join the SWA community to get the maximum benefits for your employees’ training without any disruption to your work planning.  

Key Benefits of SWAT eLearning:

  • Face Recognition Authentication
  • SMS OTP Authentication
  • Multi-language Q & A interface (up to 4 languages)
  • Web Access via PCs or Mobile Phones/Tablets
  • One-year access to resource learning
  • Employee (User) Login
  • Employer (Audit) Login
  • Saves time – Learning at own pace
  • Quizzes, Mock Assessments and Final Assessments
  • Newsfeed articles and video resource learning for continuance education
  • Certification and course progress reports
  • Every 6-month refresh modules

The platform will kick-start with the Safety Induction Course for both workers and supervisor level in English, Chinese, Bengali and Tamil versions.  It comes with face recognition and SMS OTP authentication.  This course follows the safety guidelines at worksites for the O & M contractors and enhances workers safety knowledge and responsibility; thereby reducing site accidents.  Enrol your workers/employees for the Safety Induction Course where they can achieve the certificate competence without any work disruption to your project schedule as it is an own-time own-pace eLearning platform that can be accessed via Mobile Phones or PCs

For upskilling of the Water Professionals, the following courses are underway in July-September 2021.

  • Project Management
  • Contracts Drafting
  • Smart Water Management
  • Digitalised Water
  • Data Analytics
  • IoT & AI

Please download enrolment form from https://bit.ly/SWATEnrol and return completed form to SWAT@swa.org.sg today for the launch offer at $10/user per year per course (Launch offer ends 31 December 2021)


For further queries or demo video, please contact :

gerald@swa.org.sgM : (65) 9151 5031     or       kenny@swa.org.sg / M : (65) 8163 9945