Coastal Protection Tech Sharing Webinar

27th July 2023, Thursday
Coastal Protection Tech Sharing Webinar

Topic: Coastal Resilience: Safeguarding Our Shores – A Webinar on Coastal Protection Strategies

Dear SWA Members & Partners,

The U.S. Department of Commence and Singapore Water Association are excited to announce the upcoming “Coastal Resilience: Safeguarding Our Shores” Webinar, on Coastal protection Strategies on Thursday, 27th July, 9am (SGT).

This highly informative and engaging event aims to shed light on the pressing issues of coastal protection and discuss effective strategies to mitigate the impacts of climate change on our vulnerable coastlines. This webinar brings renowned experts who has extensive experience and expertise in the field of coastal protections. They will share their knowledge, research findings and success stories to empower participants with valuable insights and practical strategies to tackle the complex issue at hand. Do join us now!

Admission: Complimentary for all guests
Date: 27th July 2023, Thursday
Time: 9am – 10.30am (SGT+8:00)