Design of Used Water Treatment Plant & Processes

25-27 Oct 2017
Design of Used Water Treatment Plant & Processes


Mr. Colin A. Newbery
Dr. Ng, How Yong
Mr. Wah Yuen Long

Full Course Fees SGD 1,500.00
E2i Course fees subsidy SGD 360.00
Nett Course fee after subsidy SGD 1140.00
Course Objectives:

The objective of this course is to equip water professionals with a comprehensive overall view of technical considerations and design on used water treatment, reuse and resource recovery.  This course introduces the practical considerations, theories, design approaches and calculations.  Participants will learn how to work out basic used water treatment processes and plant sizing.

This course will be useful to new design engineers, new and experienced water executives, professionals or managers who are responsible for managing used water systems.  Participants should have at least 2 years experience in used water processes.

Course Topics:

Topic 1 Design considerations for basic treatment requirements
Topic 2 General design concepts
Topic 3 Introduction to microbiology, biochemistry and biokinetics
Topic 4 Overall design considerations
Topic 5 Liquid treatment process units
Topic 6 Residuals Management and Treatment 
Topic 7 Process Control and Monitoring
Topic 8 Operational considerations in design

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