Design, Operation and maintenance of SWRO Plants

26 - 28 June 2017
Design, Operation and maintenance of SWRO Plants

Trainer Mr. Satish Schilekar
Full Course Fees SGD 1480.00
E2i Course fees subsidy SGD 740.00
Nett Course fee after subsidy SGD 740.00
Course Objective:

To impart practical knowledge of sea water reverse osmosis plants with respect to design and engineering methodologies.

Participants of this course will have a deeper understanding of the sea water reverse osmosis plants and equipment with respect to their performance requirements. Participants will also be able to recommend optimization of existing equipment.

Who should attend:

Design, Sales, Projects, Proposal, Operation, Maintenance and Commissioning Engineers working in the industry.

Course content with modules:

The course will contain following modules.

Course Topics:
  1. SWRO basics module
  2. Sea water contaminants module
  3. Pre-treatment system design module
  4. SWRO system design module (computer simulation)
  5. SWRO system design optimization module
  6. Energy recovery devices module
  7. Selection and engineering of components module
  8. SWRO post-treatment system design module
  9. SWRO systems configuration module
  10. Case Studies module
  11. Summary & Closing

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