Design & Operations of Ultrapure Water Treatment Plant

24-25 July 2017
Design & Operations of Ultrapure Water Treatment Plant

Trainer Mr. Paul Tan
Full Course Fees SGD 990.00 per pax
E2i Course fees subsidy SGD 240.00
Nett Course fee after subsidy SGD 750.00
Course Objective:

To help an operation and maintenance engineer become a successful water treatment engineer for their water systems. This course is designed to help an engineer to understand the basic chemistry and engineering of a water treatment plant. And, to apply this knowledge to optimize the performance of their high purity water plant. This is achieved through understanding the basics of water and water treatments, basic engineering calculation for the unit processes, key parameters used in the design of water systems. Tips on basic maintenance and troubleshooting of water system will be discussed.

Course Topics:

a.      Understanding the Basic of Water
b.      Unit Processes
          i.      Filtration
          ii.     Reverse Osmosis
          iii.    Degassification
          iv.    Ultra Violet Technology
          v.     Ion Exchange
          vi.    CEDI
c.       Water Management- Recycle, Reuse and Reclaim
d.      Material and Components used
e.      Monitoring, Quality Control
f.       Troubleshooting of Water Treatment system.

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