Contract and Risk Management for Water Industry Professionals

Contract and Risk Management for Water Industry Professionals

Date: 25 to 27 August 2022
Time: 9am - 1pm
Venue: Webex

The course objective is to help you make water and utilities projects successful. We aim to give you insights into contracting, practical knowledge and skillsets as takeaways to apply in your strategies or projects. We will cover all aspects of contracting on major utilities projects from contract development including bid negotiation, through contract execution issues, and into project completion including claim and dispute settlement. The content applies to all discipline sectors, and all organisations from client, consultants, D&B main contractor and subcontractor.

Learning Outcomes:
• Appreciation of cost/ time outcomes on international major project. Overruns causes
• Risk allocation principles. Appreciation of contract strategy options
• Manging time, extensions of time and delay analysis methods
• Essentials of contract administration to minimise “value leakage”, reduce claims and keep project on track
• Knowing the fundamentals of contract law and key PSSCOC terms
• Improve your knowledge of dispute resolution practices

Course Topics:
1. Overview and Context
a. Introductions
b. Singapore Public Sector and Water Projects
c. Project challenges
d. Learning outcomes
e. Introducing case study

2. Project Development
a. Procurement to Completion – an overview
b. Contract types and structure
c. Risk management before the works even begin
d. Retention and financial management

3. Contract Fundamentals
a. Checklist of the most important contractual provisions on all Projects
b. Contractual entitlements
c. Breach, Damages and Causation

4. Project Delivery and Contract Administration
a. Risk allocation
b. Notices and Contract Admin Tools
c. Project Records

5. Planning and Project Programmes
a. Programmes – an introduction
b. Extensions of time and liquidated damages
c. Administration regimes

6. Delay
a. Managing suspensions, acceleration and other issues
b. Interim claims
c. Delay analysis

7. Defects and Other Major Risks
a. Design and defects
b. Ground conditions
c. Other Risks

8. Managing Claims and Disputes
a. Negotiation and Mediation
b. Arbitration v Litigation
c. Security of Payments

E2i course fee subsidy*
* Employed Singaporean or Singapore PRs who are self-sponsored or employer-sponsored
* Achieve at least 75% attendance
* The participants and/or the Company shall not receive any other funding from government sources

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