SIMTech-SWA Roundtable

31 October 2018
SIMTech-SWA Roundtable

SIMTech-SWA Roundtable
Complimentary Session with Networking Lunch

Reducing water consumption and chemical concentration discharge of polluted wastewater into the environment have attracted magnified attention recently in various manufacturing industries. To cope with rising water costs and tighter trade affluent regulations from government bodies, as well as societal expectations and responsibilities, there is a growing demand for recycling and wastewater treatment companies and providers to address this issue to various manufacturing industries.

SIMTech’s role in water management technology
• Share our successful case studies and technologies in water saving and recycling
• Provide a platform for information exchange related to the challenges in water technologies
• Gather industry intelligence to focus R&D efforts
• Explore viabilities for collective actions between SIMTech and the industries toward common goals of water saving and quality discharges for a greener environment.


10.00 Registration and Networking 
1030 Opening Statement by Singapore Water Association
1035 Opening Statement by SIMTech, Mr Cedric Yon
1040 Introduction to Water Efficiency Management and Case Studies
by Mr Liu Fengmin
1055 Presentation on E-AOP, Metal Film Membrane, Water Analysis and Conceptual Design for Industrial Wastewater
by Dr Qi, SIMTech
1115 Presentation on Advanced Ceramic Membrane
by Dr Li Tao, SIMTech
1125 Presentation on Water-Energy Nexus
by Ms Tan Yee Shee, SIMTech
1140 Presentation on Solvent Recovery Technology
by Dr Dong, SIMTech
1155 Closing remarks by Mr Cedric Yon
1200 Q&A
1215 Feedback form
1230 Networking Lunch