Smart Water Management using IoT and AI

Smart Water Management using IoT and AI

Date: 27 & 28 October 2022
Time: 1:00pm - 5:30pm
Venue: SIWW 2021 Platform

Course Programme Date : 27th & 28th Oct 2022

Time : 1:00pm – 5:30pm

Venue : SIWW Platform

Course Fee (Excluding GST)
SWA Member          SGD250.00
Non-Member           SGD350.00

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Course Objective:
To inform and engage the water sector industry on the emerging IOT technologies and how it can be applied to enhance efficiency, safety and resilience of the operations. The course will highlight actual use-cases deployed in water sector in Singapore, so the participants can better appreciate the applications of the Technology. Through the hands-on engagement during the course, the participants will be able to understand the end-to-end IOT system architecture such as sensors, gateways, wireless communications, Cloud, Analytics, and Custom Apps. The course will also inform the participants on the challenges of existing technologies like different wireless protocols, interoperability, technology obsolescence, cyber security etc., and how to overcome these challenges. In the end, it will also give some guidance on how to embark on IOT at their work and how to bring change management so that organisations can reap benefits from IOT.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand basics of IOT, Cloud, AI/ Machine Learning and associated terminologies.
2. To be informed on existing and emerging technologies in IOT, challenges and how to overcome those challenges.
3. Hands-on learning on setting up end-to-end IOT system, from setting-up sensors, device/ gateway for communication, access and visualize data on the cloud software.
4. Learn about basics of AI / Machine learning and how it can help generate actionable insights or alerts for smart operations.
5. How to start the digital transformation journey at work through IOT and enabling change Management so that the enterprise can reap benefits of IOT.

Course Outline:
• Introduction to IOT and Terminologies
• LPWAN Technologies for Industrial IOT
• Advantages and limitations of different technologies
• Hands-on learning exercise: Setting up sensors and Devices (using opensource dev boards) to access and visualize data on the Enterprise IOT Cloud Software
• Different Applications / Case Studies of IOT for water applications in Singapore
• Using IOT software for device management and data visualization
• Setting up rules’ engine on the cloud software for generating alerts and Notifications
• Introduction to Data Analytics, AI/ Machine Learning
• Practical Use Cases and Hands-on exercise using Data Analytics / AI /Machine Learning using Enterprise IOT Cloud Software
• Challenges with existing IOT Technologies – different wireless protocols, standards, hardware, cyber security, interoperability, standards etc., and how to overcome the challenges
• How to start with Digital Transformation Journey through IOT at work and how to enable change management