[Webinar] Storming Innovations with SIMTech

27 May 2021
[Webinar] Storming Innovations with SIMTech

27th May, 2021 Thursday, 3:00pm to 4:00pm SGT (Online: Webex)

The Singapore Water Association (SWA) and SIMTech, Agency for Science, Technology and Research are co-organizing a webinar : Storming Innovations with SIMTech on 27th May 2021 Thursday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm SGT

Membrane separation technologies can be employed to help minimise industrial waste, wastewater and effluent.  Now, improvised methods of micro and nano-level separation are developed to contribute towards a more effective waste treatment. Membrane separation is a cost effective technology to separate various mixtures of liquid materials and can be applied to aqueous, solvents and gaseous streams.  Through reusing, recovering and recycling of water and raw materials from process streams, waste can be minimised and therefore bring about energy savings and cost savings.

SIMTech’s novel membranes provide a number of significant advantages over polymeric membranes in terms of the process and material robustness, and reliability.