[Webinar] Sustainable Water Solutions:  Efficiency in Waste Water Treatment Technologies

16 June 2021
[Webinar] Sustainable Water Solutions: Efficiency in Waste Water Treatment Technologies

Singapore Water Association(SWA) and International Water Association(IWA) are co-organising a Webinar on : Sustainable Water Solutions: Efficiency in Waste Water Treatment Technologies on Wednesday, 16th June @ 3.00pm – 4pm (SGT).

Today, many water and wastewater treatment plants use excessive energy consumption & operational costs places financial burden on already stressed water and wastewater companies to keep up with ever-increasing regulations and demand that severely affect a company’s bottom line .

We will share how these goals are met – energy efficiency, sustainability and productivity, all while meeting project objectives, budgets and deadlines with leading examples.

Webinar Outline:

Wastewater needs to be treated via biological or physicochemical treatments, or a combination of these, to be safely recycled with acceptable impact on the environment. In this process, wastewater is recognised as a valued source of renewable resources. It is therefore crucial to adapt wastewater facilities to ensure the recovery of energy and valuable compounds, including water itself.

For this purpose, it is also crucial to highlight the importance of various technologies which can be implemented in daily operations to improve and the need for synergies between the 3Es – Efficient design, Economic viability, and Environmental sustainability.                       

Highly efficient membrane technologies enabled wastewater minimization and reuse.

* Non-potable recycle and reuse of secondary effluent with ultrafiltration system.   * Greywater recycling with ultrafiltration system and case study.

* Integrated membrane system for cooling tower blowdown water recycle.   * Direct potable reuse with sanitary compliance RO system.

Alkaline Waste Recycling in Glove Manufacturing Industry using Silicon Carbide (SiC) Ceramic Membrane.

Silicon carbide (SiC) membrane, a robust ceramic membrane exhibits high mechanical strength, good chemical and thermal stability, high water flux, long service life with low operating and maintenance cost. The application of SiC ceramic membrane in alkaline waste recovering process will be presented to demonstrate its uniqueness and benefits in water recovery process.

Alkali residue waste liquid treatment technology /Concentrated brine reduction technology.

The alkali residue waste liquid treatment technology adopts a modular design to treat the high-concentration and high-salt alkali slag waste liquid of refining and chemical enterprises, which realizes the recycling and utilization of waste alkali liquid. /The concentrated brine reduction technology treats the concentrated water of the reclaimed water reuse and desalination unit.  The produced water is used as the production feedwater and sent to the evaporation crystallization system, thereby realizing the “zero” discharge.

An overview of the innovative (digital, technological and nature-based) solutions under validation within H2020 projects ULTIMATE, AQUASPICE, Digital Water City,

HYDROUSA and PRIMA project FIT4REUSE will be presented.

  • Who should attend: Water/waste-water industry professionals, engineers, managers, environmental consultants, and regulators.
  • Admission: Complimentary for all guests.
  • Date & Time: Wednesday 16th June, 2021 @ 3.00pm – 4.00pm (SGT, GMT:+8:00)