[ZOOM Talk] Let WATER be thy medicine

31st March 2021
[ZOOM Talk] Let WATER be thy medicine

Is physically and chemically purified clean water by definition also beneficial and healthy water?

 The fourth aspect of water quality is study of the bioenergetic quality of water. Today the standard water quality research mainly focuses on three types of water properties:

  • The physical properties (TDS, TSS, pH, etc)
  • The chemical properties (COD)
  • The biological properties (BOD)

 In determining the bioenergetic quality of water, we look at the structure (shape) and energy (vibration) of the water. Recent discovery of applying Terahertz wave on purified water  significantly alters the structure and energy of water molecule.

 Come and listen to our 2 distinguished speakers on how Terahertz water is beneficial, healthy and positive for the use or function for which it is applied.

 Date : 31 March 2021, Wednesday

Time : 11am to 12pm

Platform : ZOOM

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