SWAtch !

SWAtch !


27/07/23 : [Webinar] Coastal Resilience: Safeguarding Our Shores

Singapore Water Association (SWA) and U.S. Department of Commence co-organized a Webinar: “Coastal Resilience: Safeguarding Our Shores” and our panel of experts provide an overview on the pressing issues of coastal protection and discuss effective strategies to mitigate the impacts of climate change on our vulnerable coastlines. More than 55 attendees attended the webinar.

Our Speakers: Mr William A. Smallwood II, Mr Roderick D. Scott

Download Coastal Resilience: Safeguarding Our Shores


18/03/23 : SWWD

On 18th March 2023, Singapore and PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency celebrated Singapore World Water Day at Marina Barrage with all families and peers, showcasing innovative water management solutions and commitment to sustainable water usage for a better future. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Mr Lawrence Wong graced the event and visited the partners’ booth, underscoring the importance of water efficiency and sustainability, ensuring water resilience for future generations.

President of Singapore Water Association, Mr Chew Men Leong joins the nation too in celebrating World Water Day, as we continue to collaborate and drive advancements in water technologies and solutions towards achieving a water-secure future for Singapore and the world!


15/03/23 : [Webinar] Bridging Austria and Singapore Market with Opportunity

Singapore Water Association (SWA) and Austrian Commercial Trade Commissioner at the Austrian Embassy in Singapore co-organized a Webinar: “Bridging Austria and Singapore Market with Opportunity” and our panel of experts provide an overview of the importance of managing water and wastewater in various industries, and how opportunities could be bridge across Singapore and Austria. More than 45 attendees attended the webinar.

Our Speakers: Mr David Bachmann, Mr. Walter King, Mr. Nimesh Modak, Dr Lothar Stadler, Mr Cai Zhuo Han, Mr Klaus Picher, Mr Olivier Vijverman, Ms Caterina Wrumnig

Download Bridging Austria and Singapore Market with Opportunity


12/03/23 : SWWD BlueTaiChi

In conjunction with Singapore World Water Day 2023, we celebrated it on a Sunday morning by having a good Tai Chi session with our members at the 100Plus Promenade.

The event was a success with special thanks to the support from PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, and event sponsor – VA TECH WABAG LTD. Hope everyone had a great and meaningful time, and we hope to host more of such events in the future!

Every participant walked home with a FREE Waterproof Drawstring Bag, Protein Shaker Bottle, a Laundry Basket and a bottle of 3 leg cooling water!


12/12/22 : [Webinar] Ozone and AOP going beyond traditional wastewater treatment

Singapore Water Association (SWA) and De Nora Water Technologies co-organized a Webinar: Ozone and AOP: going beyond traditional wastewater treatment On the webinar, you would understand the implications of micropollutants to the industrial market. Exploring ozone, UV, and AOP as an effective treatment option, particularly when used together with other technologies. Last, but not least on discovering how pilot testing delivers the most optimized design.  More than 75 attendees attended the webinar.

Our speakers: Mr. Alex Betthinard

Download Ozone and AOP: Going beyond Traditional wastewater treatment


30/11/22 : [Webinar] Platinum Circle: State of ESG Investing

Singapore Water Association (SWA) and Platinum Circle co-organized a Webinar: “Platinum Circle: State of ESG Investing”. as our panel of experts shared their insight into the state of ESG investing including real-time challenges and opportunities for Singapore businesses. government organizations and industry players. More than 25 attendees attended the webinar.

Our Speakers: Mr. Eric Nietsch, Dr. Jodi York, Mr. Vishal Nanwani

Download Platinum Circle: State of ESG Investing 301122


09/11/22 : [Webinar] Sg-IL Connects: Sustainable Water Resources for the Future

Singapore Water Association (SWA) and Israel Trade & Economic Mission in Singapore’s invitation to join the ‘Sustainable Water’ – Tech Exchange Webinar. On the webinar, you would learn about the two ecosystems, and get exposed to the latest water reduction, recycling, and reuse technologies from both Singapore and Israel. This webinar is a chance to get to know the key players in both industries and learn about the potential collaboration on water sustainability. This event is supported by PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency. More than 50 attendees attended the webinar.

Our speakers: Mr. Ravid Levy, Mr. Ziki Zaide, Mr. Sebastian Giebel, Mr. Christian Vinson, Mr. Chen Ofer, Dr. Wendy Tu, Mr. Micky Shoham

Download Sg-IL Connects  Sustainable Water Resources for the Future


27/10/22 : [Webinar] Platinum Circle: State of Water in Australia

Singapore Water Association (SWA) and Platinum Circle co-organized a Webinar: “Platinum Circle: State of Water in Australia”. Join us in this webinar, as our panel of experts from DeltaPearl Partners and the Australian Government would be sharing their insight into the state of water in Australia including real-time challenges and opportunities for Singapore water players. More than 30 attendees attended the webinar.

Our speakers: Mr Brad Rogers, Mr Rod Naylor

Download Platinum Circle: State of Water in Australia


22/09/22 : [Webinar] IP Expert Series – Anchor Your Business with IA/IP for Sustained Growth

Organised in collaboration with the Singapore Water Association, this edition spotlights the Urban Solutions and Sustainability industry and is an associated event for IP Week@SG 2022. This webinar is part of IPOS International’s IP Expert Series where IP experts share actionable tips on IP and intangible asset management. 

Join our speakers Andrea Chiu (IP Strategist, IPOS International) and Mudasser Iqbal (Founder & CEO, TeamSolve) to learn the fundamentals of IA and IP as we:

• Share IA/IP perspectives on how water technology companies can sustain business growth

• Provide practical IA/IP management tips to boost your competitive advantage

• Uncover the IA/IP journey of a Singapore based Digital Workforce start-up for the Industries and Utilities sector


01/09/22 : [Webinar] Singapore-UK Connects: Water Technologies for Sustainability and Resilience

Co-organised by Enterprise Singapore, PUB, Singapore Water Association and British Water, the Singapore-UK Connects: Water Technologies for Sustainability and Resilience event brings innovative water technologies from Singapore to the UK. This event is targeted toward UK water utilities, consulting firms, and SMEs, with the goal of connecting innovative Singapore water tech startups to British partners for tech collaboration and adoption. More than 55 attendees attended the webinar to learn about the solutions and connecting with the startups in thematic breakout sessions.

Download Singapore-UK Connects: Water Technologies for Sustainability and Resilience 010922


30/08/22 : [Webinar] Platinum Circle: State of Sustainable Development Goals

Singapore Water Association (SWA) and Platinum Circle co-organized a Webinar: “Platinum Circle: State of Sustainable Development Goals”.  The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity. More than 35 attendees attended the webinar on how the panel of experts share their examples and provide insight into the state of SDGs globally and relevance to Singapore.

Download Platinum Circle: State of Sustainable Development Goals 300822 (Sue Allchurch)

Download Platinum Circle: State of Sustainable Development Goals 300822 (Belissa Rojas)


25/08/22 : [Webinar] Dual Parallel Lateral Underdrain vs. Traditional Nozzles Learn how the right selection can help your water filtration

Singapore Water Association (SWA) and De Nora Water Technologies co-organized a Webinar : Dual Parallel Lateral Underdrain vs. Traditional Nozzles: Learn how the right selection can help your water filtration”. More than 50 attendees attended the webinar on how the panel of experts share their examples and provide insight into the state of SDGs globally and relevance to Singapore.

Download Dual Parallel Lateral Underdrain vs. Traditional Nozzles 250822


31/03/22 : [PUB Sharing] Coastal Protection Department (CPD) – Strategies and Plans

More than 80 participants attended the quarterly PUB Sharing by Ms Zoe Ong, Senior Engineer of the Coastal Protection Department on 31 March 2022 and gain insightful understanding on coastal protection strategies and regulatory framework, lead site-specific engineering studies as well as preparations for the implementation of subsequent coastal protection measures.  Ms Ong also shared on the upcoming coastal protection research programme to support the development of solutions that are effective, multi-functional, adaptive and sustainable. 

For members, please contact for the pdf deck and password to watch session recording 


24/03/22 : [SWA Water Utility Series] National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) on Access to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation to All

To explore water opportunities in the Sri Lanka, SWA hosted the  Webinar with National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) on Access to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation to All More than 50 attendees learnt on how  NWSDB covered 40% of its population with piped drinking water to SLS (WHO) standards in the past 40 years and plans of NWSDB to double this to reach 80% by 2025 and to increase the plant capacity by 2 million m3/day and laying 40,000 km of pipes within 4 years.

Download DeckNWSDB 240322


03/03/22 : [Webinar] Nitro – Shortcut Nitrogen Removal

More than 120 participants attended the informative Webinar on “Nitro – Shortcut Nitrogen Removal” which SWA and Fluence Corporation co-organised on Thursday, 3rd March @ 3.00pm  (SGT).  Dr Wendy Tu, Business Development Director SEA, gave an introductory Welcome Address while Mr Gilad Yogev, Global MABR Product Manager shared the breakthrough technology with some case references.

Download Fluence SWA Nitro Webinar 3.3.22


24/02/22 : [Webinar] IFAT 2022 Technology Mission eRoadshow

Once again, SWA will lead a Technology Mission in conjunction with IFAT 2022 @ Munich, from 30 May- 3 June; the world’s leading trade fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw materials management.  IFAT 2022 will be one of the first major trade shows to take place after the pandemic-related trade fair break. This mission will focus on a better understanding of post-Covid business opportunities and challenges in Europe and to gain latest market insights, R&D technologies, products, trends and to develop potential cross-border technology/business collaboration with exhibiting companies.  

We are glad to have Ms. Katharina Schlegel (IFAT Exhibition Director), Ms. Rebekka Neef (GWP Public Relations Officer) and Mr. Rüdiger Heidebrecht (DWA Head of Department Training and International Cooperation) at our IFAT eRoadshow on 24 February 2022, SGT 4p, to share more on the show and what is to be expected from the mission.


25/01/22 : [Webinar] Maynilad Water Operations: Enhancing Resilience in the face of Emerging Challenges

SWA organised our first Water Utilities Series in Year 2022 with Maynilad Water Services Inc with attendance from more than 100 members and partners.  Sir Randolph T. Estrellado (Chief Operating Officer) gave his welcome speech with an overview of Maynilad while Sir Ronaldo C. Padua (VP and Head of Water Supply Operations Division) provided an insightful advise on how to enhance resilience amidst emerging challenges.


11/01/22 : [HYBRID] Water-Food-Enery Nexus : Towards a Circular Business Economy

Another successful event hosted at PUB Waterhub whereby 96 attendees (onsite & online) joined us with Senior Minister of State, Dr. Amy Khor as our Guest-of-Honor.  The event started with SWA Vice-President (General Affairs), Mr Charles Quek’s Welcome Speech followed by Chair of SEC, Ms Isabella Huang-Loh’s Keynote Message.

Speaking to SWA and its members, GOH Dr. Amy Khor graced the MoU signing ceremony between Singapore Water Association and Singapore Environment Council. and said that one of our notable achievements in circularity is in the water sector and the water-energy-food nexus also has great potential for the agriculture sector.   Other key presenters are Dr Augustine Quek (SEC), Mr Kunal Shah (SWA) and Mr. Govindan Alagappan (Evoqua Water Technology).

For those who have missed the sharing, do download the WFE Nexus 11 Jan 22 ppt deck and watch the recording below :

Catch us more in the news coverage – CNA, Channel 5 & 8 News, Straits Times and Zao Bao


06/01 : PUB Sharing : Reducing Foreign Workers Dependency

PUB and SWA curated a close-door sharing session exclusive for SWA members and PUB O & M Contractors on 6th January 2022, 3pm which is our first webinar in the new year 2022 ! Mr Thomas Soh, Deputy Director of Joint-Operations, shared important updates and information in upcoming tender specifications and less reliance on foreign workers in order not to disrupt the schedules and assist contractors in delivering their projects.  For those who have missed the sharing, do download the deck and watch the recording below :


02/12 : [HYBRID] Singapore Water Industry Nite (Special Edition) – MOU Signing with NTUC

It was an eventful evening where 95 attendees (onsite & online) joined us for our inaugural special edition of Virtual SWIN with NTUC Secretary-General Mr Ng Chee Meng as our Guest-of-Honor and sponsored by Prominent Singapore.  The event started with SWA President Welcome Speech and the announcement of the launch of the SWA Digi Expo for the trade professionals to explore the world of water 24/7, all year round.  Speaking to SWA and its members, NTUC secretary-general Ng Chee Meng, who witnessed the MOU signing, said he hoped that with it, NTUC could work with SWA to identify operational areas that SWA’s businesses could benefit from.  Other key presenters are Mr Gilbert Tan (NTUC), Mr Allen Mak (Prominent), Mr Ryan Yuen (SIWW) and Ms Fabia Lim (PUB C & W Dept).

Catch us more in the news coverage – CNA, Straits Times, and Tamil Murasu

SWIN 021221 Deck


22/11 : [eROADSHOW] World Water -Tech Innovation Summit 2022

With the support of the British Water and ReThink Events , Singapore Water Association and British High Commission Singapore co-organised the eRoadshow on: World Water -Tech Innovation Summit 2022 on Monday, 22 November 4:00pm.

We are pleased to have Her Excellency, Ms Kara Owen, to deliver the Welcome Speech while Mr Mike Collin moderated an insight sharing session together with Mr Eddie Malone, Mr Charles Shacinda and Ms Jennie Moss.  

In conjunction with WWTIS, SWA is organising a Technology Mission from 21 to 25 February 2022 at a subsidized rate.  Kindly complete the Mission Registration Form and email to by 15th January 2022.

Download presentation deck from HERE and watch our recording below.

07/10 : [WEBINAR]
Innovation to Practice:  For Sustainable Water Solutions Across Industries

With the support of the Netherlands Embassy, Singapore Water Association(SWA) and Singapore Netherlands Water House(SNWH) co-organised the Webinar on: “Innovation to Practice: For Sustainable Water Solutions Across Industries” on Thursday, 7th October @ 3.00pm – 4.15pm (SGT).

We are pleased to have Her Excellency, Ambassador to Netherlands in Singapore, H.E. Margriet Vonno to give us the Opening Remarks while Mr Wouter de Hamer from SNWH welcomed almost 80 attendees to hear from four water practitioners on their sharing on the latest technologies on – water recovery systems, processes  & recycling solutions and sustainable management of water.

Download Presentation Decks


30/09 : [VIRTUAL] SWA 18th Annual General Meeting

It’s a wrap for our 18th Annual General Meeting ! More than 50 member representatives joined us in the AGM yesterday and 3 lucky winners – Sembcorp Industries, Prominent Fluid Controls and Hydrobiology walked away with 1 year FREE membership for 2022. Congratulations!




24/09 : [WEBINAR[ PUB Sharing on R & D and Smart Initiatives by the Water Supply Plant (WSP) department 

107 participants attended the 4th PUB sharing session on R & D and Smart Initiatives by the Water Supply Plant (WSP) department on 24 September 2021, SGT 3pm.  Dr Chow Qin Wei and Dr Jodie Chin shared insightful innovations and smart technologies by the WSP department and even advised on the possible collaborations the department can work with our members.  Some upcoming tenders were shared as well and an eventful Q & A segment followed after their presentations.     Deck and recording could be downloaded from append:

Download Presentation Deck


21/09: [WEBINAR] : Tackling Challenges of Drinking Water After Disaster

SWA and Katadyn Singapore co-organised the informative webinar with almost 60 attendees on 21st September 2021, SGT 10am.  Besides Katadyn Singapore’s welcome address by Mr Liow Yong Zheng; JICA Ms Tanaka, World Hope Mr John Wright and GivePower Mr Benjamin Materna shared great insights into how safe drinking water is the top need right after a disaster strikes and how contaminated water adding stress to survivors and rescuers could have fatal impacts due to the spread of diseases.  Attendees also learnt about proven, mobile and sustainable solutions for self-sufficient nutrition and drinking water supply.

Download Presentation Deck 


09/09: [WEBINAR] : Nirobox Solution: Focus on Decentralized Desalination Water Treatment

SWA and Fluence Corporation co-organised the informative Webinar : Nirobox Solution: Focus on Decentralized Desalination Water Treatment on Thursday, 9th September @ 3.00pm where  Dr Wendy Tu and Mr Gilad Yogev presented Fluence’s NIROBOX™ and NIROFLEX™ – viable and cost-effective options across a wide range of situations for almost 60 attendees with an excellent Q & A segment.

Download Fluence Presentation Deck


03/09: [WEBINAR] : Ozone for Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment

Mr. Marwan Nesicolaci (General Manager, Asia Regional Hub, De Nora Water Technologies) gave an enlightening Welcome Address to more than 95 attendees and Mr. Alex Bettinardi (Global Product Technology Manager, Ozone Product Line, De Nora Water Technologies) shared case study examples and compelling data to illustrate how ozone water treatment is used in three primary industrial water treatment application.

Download presentation Deck (DeNora) 20210903


29/07: [SWA Industrial Water Series]

Breakfast Talk with Kimberly-Clark : The Water Loop – Towards Water Stewardship and Security 

Mr Vetrivel Dhagumudi, Global Program Leader of Kimberly-Clark Corporation, shared on Kimberly-Clark Water Loupe Program and its sustainability efforts towards water stewardship and security.  Mr Kunal Shah, SWA Council Member and Managing Director of Anaergia Inc, moderated an excellent Q & A session with great insights on water sustainability plans beyond Singapore.


13/07: [LIVE] : Launch of SWAT eLearning Platform

The eLaunch demonstrated by SWA Executive Director, Vivien Seong,  provided details of the the SWAT eLearning Platform at launch offer of $10 per year per user per course and share some insights of the upcoming 24/7 SWA Digi Expo, booth showcase exclusivity to SWA members and complimentary for all Trade Visitors at special preview subscription $240/year.  

Explore the world of water NOW ! Download SWAT Launch Deck


16/06: [WEBINAR] : IWA & SWA – Sustainable Water Solutions: Efficiency in Waste Water Treatment Technologies

Singapore Water Association(SWA) and International Water Association(IWA) co-organised webinar Sustainable Water Solutions: Efficiency in Waste Water Treatment Technologies on 16th June 2021 was well attended by more than 90 participants.  SWA Executive Director Ms Vivien Seong gave an overview of SWA activities while Dr Li Hong, Asia and Oceania Regional Director of IWA presented IWA updates followed by technology presentations by Mattenplant, Century Waters, Soutech Technology and Marche Polytechnic University.

Files to download :

SWA and IWA Brief Intro and Speakers Presentation


10/06: [LIVE] : Sharing on PUB’s R & D Focus Areas and Upcoming Initiatives

The sharing session by Ms Gu Yan (Division Head of Tech Scannings & Partnerships, Tech Dept)  shed light with 116 attendees on PUB’s Technology Roadmaps, the new R&D focus areas (e.g. waste reduction and resource recovery, decarbonisation) and upcoming initiatives in sourcing innovation and partnerships (e.g. upcoming grant calls, global innovation challenges).  

Download PUB’s presentation deck HERE


03/06: [Webinar] : Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) Smart-Product-Solutions

Mr. Gilad Yogev, Senior Product Manager of MABR Products at Fluence Corporation shared with 75 attendees on Fluence unique patented MABR technology to treat the wastewater in a more efficient and cost-effective way by innovative aeration process, including nitrification & denitrification.  Fluence has not only owned wide-range of MABR configurations, they would also like to share the experience on many MABR-based wastewater treatment projects in China, US, Israel, Europe, Southeast Asia etc globally.

Download Fluence Smart Product Solutions


27/05: [Webinar] : Storming Innovations with SIMTech

More than 60 participants ‘stormed’ SIMTech’s technologies on 27th May 2021, 3pm via LIVE session;  SIMTech’s novel membranes provide a number of significant advantages over polymeric membranes in terms of the process and material robustness, and reliability. Speakers for the session are Dr DONG Xue Cheng, Ms Cadence Hsien and Dr Wu Weiyi while Mr Cedric Yon moderated for the Q & A segment.

The full presentation deck can be downloaded HERE


19/05: [SWA Industrial Water Series] :  Sharing of Water Opportunities in Industrial Projects in Philippines and Vietnam by Ardurra international

More than 60 participants joined us at our inaugural SWA Industrial Water Series Sharing of Water Opportunities in Industrial Projects in Philippines and Vietnam by Ardurra international Group on 19 May 2021, SGT 4pm.  Mr Fong Han Loong (Senior Assistant Director, Industry and Technology Collaboration, PUB Singapore’s National Water Agency) gave a heartening welcome address while Mr Rodney Chapin (Founder and CEO of Ardurra International) share with us insightful opportunities and projects in the two countries.  

The full presentation deck can be downloaded HERE and all attendees are welcomed to contact Mr Chapin for further queries.


17/05: [Webinar] : Accelerate your company’s digital transformation with Digital Reboot

We are glad to partner with NTUC U SME and NTUC Learning Hub to host this Digital Reboot Programme, sharing with our members 4 tracks – Digital Marketing, Process Automation, Workflow Automation and Data Processes & Visualization to embark on their digitalisation journey.  Each track comes with FREE 1 year software license and 10 Playbooks with targeted consultation.  All tracks are 90% subsidiszed for local SMEs and can even claim Absentee Payroll under SSg.

Watch the full webinar recording


11/05: [Webinar] :  Water resource recovery dialogue between Denmark and Singapore on key innovations and opportunities ahead in the water sector

We are pleased to have 90 participants joined us at this webinar : Water Resource Recovery Dialogue between Denmark and Singapore on key innovations and opportunities ahead in the water sector jointly organised with the Danish Water Export Association and supported by the Denmark Embassy, Ministry of Environment of Denmark, PUB Singapore’s National Water Agency and several of our Danish partnering organisations.  This dialogue brought together key experts and practitioners from the public sector and industry to discuss the next phase of innovation within water resource recovery, and also touch on the related issue of digitalization of resource recovery systems and processes.  

Download Webinar Deck 110521


05/05: [Webinar] : Integrated Technology for Industry Wastewater Treatment and Zero Liquid Discharge

More than 120 participants joined us in the webinar titled Integrated Technology for Industry Wastewater Treatment and Zero Liquid Discharge on 5th May 2021 10am, co-organised with Pioneer Environmental Technology (subsidiary of Ann Aik Limited). Mr James Ow PBM, Executive Chairman cum CEO of Ann Aik Limited gave an excellent Welcome Address while Dr Raymond Yang illustrated the unique patented technologies to treat the industrial wastewater in a more efficient and cost-effective way by employ and integrate different technologies, including stripping column, MVR (mechanical vapour recompression), MEE, micro-electrolysis, etc.

SWA-Pioneer-Webinar Deck


20/04: [Webinar] : What if underestimating sturdy sensor inputs actually prevented you from saving big on ENERGY?

Mr Antoine Walter (Senior Business Development Manager, Waste Water Treatment of Georg Fischer Piping Systems HQ ) gave an interactive and informative presentation from deriving data, 24/7 sample analysis to reaping benefits from studying the evolution of key process parameters. Ms Christine Yap moderated the Q & A segment with interesting questions from the floor audiences.

Webinar deck 200421 GF


24/03: [Webinar] : Israeli Digital Water Technologies

Singapore Water Association and the Israeli Economic and Trade Mission to Singapore co-organised a complimentary Webinar on Israeli Digital Water Technologies on 24th March 2021,  Thursday, 4:00pm to 5:30pmThis event was supported by PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency.  Five Israeli companies showcased their Smart/Digital Water Technologies and solutions to almost 50 attendees with follow up B2B e-networking.

Presentation Decks : PUB Presentation Deck Aquarius IOSight Reali Technologies Sensoil CuraPipe


17/03 [Hybrid] : Behind-the-scene premier of the Brave Blue World

The behind-the-scene premier of Brave Blue World organised by the Singapore Water Association and presented by Dupont Water Solutions, SUEZ Asia and Xylem Singapore was sucessfully organised on 17th March 2021 with 100 participants.  The event was organised in conjunction with Singapore World Water Day and 30 attendees were all dressed up in BLUE to support this excellent initiative by PUB to attend the screenplay of the globally acclaimed documentary of Brave Blue World followed by a 30mins panel discussion with Mr Kunal Shah (Anaergia), Mr Koh Chong Hin (Xylem), Mr Farchard Kaviani (SUEZ) and Mr Halim Suntanto (DuPont) to support our members and water companies through knowledge sharing and exchanging of water expertise. 


04/03: [Webinar] : Canadian Virtual Showcase of Water Tech Companies

The High Commission of Canada in Singapore, in partnership with Singapore Water Association and PUB Singapore Water Exchange, successfully organized the webinar : Canadian Virtual Showcase of Water Tech Companies on 4th March 2021 with an almost 90 attendees. This webinar gave an introduction to Canadian utilities and water companies, presenting their water and wastewater technologies solution and roadmap. PUB also gave an overview of Singapore’s Water Ecosystem.

Download merged (1)merged (2)


18/02: [VIRTUAL] Briefing and Update by PUB Water Supply Network Department – SWA Exclusive

66 SWA members joined us in the Virtual Briefing and Update by PUB Water Supply Network Engineer, Mr Wong Jia Jie on 18 February 2021, 11am. The session is exclusive for SWA members and is concise and brief with many sharing opportunities by the WSN department.


04/02: [Webinar] : Minimizing Chlorate in Water Disinfection :On-site Sodium Hypochlorite Generation brings Safer, Sustainable and Economic Water

More than 100 participants get an overview of chlorate, a key DBP (Disinfection By-Product) and how it is regulated in the water treatment sector; Understand what the implications of your disinfection systems are with regard to chlorate; Learn how to minimize chlorate by technology options to ensure safe water and Learn how to manage water disinfection in a Safer, Sustainable and Economic way from the webinar co-organised by Singapore Water Association and De Nora Water Technologies on 4th February 2021, 1030am SGT.

DOWNLOAD Webinar Deck 040221


29/01: [WEBINAR] YWP Career Talk with SUTD : Developing Engineers into Future Leaders of the Water Industry

SWA Young Water Professionals Committee (YWPC) organised the webinar with SUTD on 29 January 2021, Friday, 4pm and YWPC Vice-Chair, Kshitij Asthana (Associate Director, Aecom Singapore gave an overview of SWA, Singapore water landscape and the career pathways for Engineering graduates

DownloadCareers and Membership (SWA YWP)


12/01: [Webinar] Delivering  Sustainable Water Solutions Through Decentralization

Almost 90 participants attended the webinar co-organised with Fluence Corporation on 12th January 2021. Mr YONG Wong Jin (CEO, Fluence Asia) gave a welcome address while Mr Gilad Yogev (Snr Product Manager, Fluence Corp) gave an excellent presentations on sustainable water solutions through decentralisation.

Download Presentation Deck -Fluence120121 


08/01: [HYBRID] SWA Orientation Day 2021

An awesome 82 participants (onsite & online) attended the inaugural Orientation Day especially curated for the new members who joined us in 2020 amidst the pandemic. It was a great HYBRID event where we can finally meet business partners (although with 1 metre distancing). More 1-to-1 B2B meetings could be facilitated through this event. Media partner, Water & Wastewater Asia interviewed a few selected companies and had great exchanges. We look forward to a blessed and fulfilling 2021 !

DOWNLOAD Presentation Deck 080121


08/12: SWA  & ProMinent Joint Webinar : Increasing demands in treating wastewater management in our region

With the immense opportunities to make an impact in improving wastewater management in our region and to share latest solutions and know-how, Singapore Water Association (SWA) and ProMinent Fluid Controls (F.E.) Pte Ltd co-organized a Webinar : “Increasing demands in treating wastewater management in our region: Overcoming pain points and boosting efficiencies”  on Tuesday, 8th December from 4pm-5pm (SGT)  well attended by 72 participants.

DOWNLOAD Presentation Deck 08122020


03/11: SWA  & SG MEM Joint Webinar : Water for All – Sustainable Resource Management

Invited speakers from NEWRI Ecosystem, DuPont and Century Water will dive into exclusive topics such as deployment and water treatment solutions in Southeast Asia, industry water solutions and innovations for water challenge and hollow fiber nanofiltration #membranes and applications.


29/10: SWA Virtual Introduction :  PUB Choa Chu Kang Water Works

The Singapore Water Association (SWA) and PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency organised a Virtual Introduction on Choa Chu Kang Waterworks (Thursday, 29th Oct 2020, 10am) to give an overview of CCKWW upgrading project and the use of ceramic membranes.

Built in two phases in 1975 and 1981, Choa Chu Kang Waterworks is one of Singapore’s oldest water treatment plants. In the recent upgrade completed in 2019, ceramic membrane filtration is deployed and is currently the largest ceramic membrane water treatment plant in the world.

The upgraded Choa Chu Kang Waterworks was named Water Project of the Year at the Global Water Awards 2020.

Download Deck CCKWW 291020


22/10: SWA Virtual Introduction :  PUB Water Reclamation Process and Technology Outlook

Singapore Water Association (SWA) and PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, co-organised a Virtual Introduction on PUB Water Reclamation Process and Technology Outlook on Thursday, 22nd Oct 2020, 10.00am and well attended by 138 participants. An overview of the used water reclamation process technologies implemented and under development in PUB was presented, with a dive into Ulu Pandan Integrated Validation and Demonstration Plant (IVP).

Download Presentation Deck 221020


13/10: SWA Webinar : Indian Water Market

Singapore Water Association (SWA) and Everything About Water (EA Water) co-organized the Webinar on 13th October 2020 and EA Water  gave an overview of the opportunities, market trend and structure of the Indian water & wastewater cluster.  This webinar was supported by Enterprise Singapore for Singapore companies to gain more insights of the Indian Water Market.

Download Deck 131020


06/10: SWA Technical Briefing : PUB BIM e-Checker Initiative 

PUB has launched BIM self-checking system for Building Plan Consultation and Singapore Water Association is pleased to assist in arranging a Technical Briefing on this e-Checker initiative on 6th October, Tuesday. 42 participants attended the complimentary session and gained much knowledge from the platform overview and live demonstration.

Download Presentation Deck 061020


 22/09: SWA Webinar : Unlocking the potential of Wastewater

Singapore Water Association co-organized the complimentary Webinar with Embassy of Denmark in Singapore on 22nd September 2020, was well attended by 104 participants.  The objective is to establish and foster potential collaborations between the Singapore and Danish companies, focused in the area of wastewater businesses.  This webinar has also been included as one of the activities in the official working program under the new environmental collaboration agreement between Denmark and Singapore by the Embassy, supported by the State of Green, The Danish Export Association and PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency.

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18/09: SWA Virtual Visit to Experimental Power Grid Centre 

Singapore Water Association organised an inaugural virtual visit to the Experimental Power Grid Centre (EPGC) on 18 September, Thursday, 10am where Smart Grid & Power Electronics Consortium Singapore (SPECS) assisted to facilitate the virtual visit to EPGC. EPGC’s megawatt-scale (MW) grid facility is one of the largest facilities in this region. They have a comprehensive range of generation sources, energy storage systems, and loads, which allows equipment manufacturers and system integrator to test out their technology or configuration at actual power before deployment.

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28/08: SWA Webinar – Fostering WATER Technology Partnerships

The webinar co-organised with EWTCOI was well attended and received good response from the attendees. Dr Jason Tang, EWTCOI Director, gave an insightful sharing on the multiple supports from EWTCOI while Mr C T Pung, Founder of Firmbase, illustrated the technology development of super hydrophilic water filtration membrane with EWTCOI.

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20/08: SWA Webinar – Biofilms in the Urban Water Cycle 

This webinar was co-organised with Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering and the Singapore National Biofilm Consortium on 20 August 2020, Thursday 10am.  We were pleased to have Professor Staffan Kjelleberg (SCELSE & SNBC), Dr Law Yingyu (SNBC), Dr Amit Kumar (Biopsin) and Mr Andy Wirjawan (UWT)  to share their invaluable insights on the role of biofils, impact of biofilms to the urban water cycle and explore what can be done to improve detection and water treatment quality.

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18/08: SG United Updates – Ministerial Statement on Continued Support for Workers and Jobs

Trying to keep up with the various measures announced yesterday in Parliament by DPM Heng Swee Keat?
The Resilience Budget introduced measures worth over $48 billion, which are aimed at supporting Singapore and Singaporeans in the battle against COVID-19. Check out this Budget Summary Video for some of the key highlights.


05/08: SWA Webinar – The Water Market in South East Asia 

More than 100 participants attended the webinar on “The Water Market in South East Asia” co-organised by SWA and LVI Associates.  Attendees learnt to explore how COVID-19 is impacting the water market in South East Asia? What is the next direction for the water market? What is hot in the water market in South East Asia? Mr Pravi Bansal from Amane Advisors shared his invaluable insights in South East Asia Region while Ms Kayleigh Regan from LVI Associates moderate the session.

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16/07: SWA Webinar – Post COVID Recovery:Embracing Sustainable Water Solutions in Asia

The webinar attracted over 200 attendees including Ministry of Utilities, Ministry of Public Works and Housing of Indonesia, Department of Irrigation and Drainage, Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB), local and regional Water Operators and many more. For those who did not able to attend this webinar, fret not as we have the recorded version of the Webinar and more below :


07/07: SWA Webinar – Dialogue with World Bank & IFC, Assistance & Financing for the Water Sector 

The impact of the pandemic is seriously felt in many parts of the World especially the developing countries.  The World Bank Group is acting quickly to step up support as countries respond to the COVID-19 crisis as they face a wide range of consequences, including the risk of global recession.  The webinar provided an in-depth understanding of the World Bank’s Utility Liquidity Facility, its regional focus and work program, and the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) product range

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25/06: Updates to border measures for travellers entering Singapore 

The Government announced changes to border measures as we progressively re-open to international travel. These border measures take into account the current understanding of COVID-19, as well as the developments in other countries and regions.
No need to serve Stay-Home Notice at SHN facilities for travellers from some countries/regions


18/06 : SWA Webinar: Tapping on Training Grants and Support for Business Transformation and Digitalisation

The inaugural SWA Webiner on 16th June 2020, hosted with InfoScience was a great success with good feedback from participants.  Ascendo Academy shared in-depth views on local business structure, gave a summary of available training schemes and provide strategies with solutions on tapping on these schemes.

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18/06: Phase Two of Circuit Breaker to commence on 19 June

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced on 15 Jun 2020 that Singapore will move into Phase Two after 18 June 2359 hours. This is because community infection rates have generally remained stable, cases in migrant worker dormitories have declined, and there are no new large clusters emerging.


26/05 : Is work from home going to be a new norm? And are you ready?

We know the business nature has changed but are we working towards changing the way we work?  We are finally approaching Phase 1 of the Circuit Beaker lift but again in MOM advisory on, we notice that in item 5, Where employees can perform their work by telecommuting from home, the employer must ensure that they do so.  It only means we are to continue to work from home if possible.  Government funding such as Productivity Solutions Grant (up to 80%) for Moneyworks and Worklife grant for Flexible Work Arrangement (up to $2,000 per employee) can be part of your organisation “work from home” strategies.

Advanced Micro Control (AMC) advocates preparations with technology, cost-effective and simplified solutions for SMEs without compromising on operations. Call our SgUnited partner, AMC, for a quick discussion or demo of how they can assist.  Contact AMC now!


17/5 : Being Business Critical in the New Virtual Workplace

The current pandemic has changed the workplace environment and workforce will not get back to what it used to be any sooner. We need to find ways to stay productive in the workforce and staying business-critical is important in today’s employment.  

Director of LVI Associates, Ms Candy Choong, shared on ways to identify individual roles and demonstrates own values.

Contact team LVI to understand how to be business-critical and what is the current in-demand skills for the water sector.

08/5 : Worldwide, 80% of the wastewater is released to the environment UNTREATED. Wastewater is often seen as a burden to be disposed of. But wastewater is a valuable resource. How can wastewater shift from waste to resource? Learn more:
28/4 : Can Viruses Spread Through a Sanitary System?
Watch on to find out how the sanitary system in Singapore’s high-rise buildings works!

06/4 :Working from home might be the new norm given the current COVID-19 situation.

How will businesses cope with that? Hear what towkay Mark Lee has to share in tackling operational limitations with digital solutions that businesses can use anytime, anywhere!

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